Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup | Micropigmentation | Enhance Your Appearance | Syosset NY | Hicksville NY | Woodbury NYMicropigmentation, or permanent makeup, can improve a person's appearance in a variety of ways, including enhancing facial features like the eyebrow, eyelash and lip and concealing scars, blemishes and areas of uneven pigmentation without the need for daily makeup applications. It can also be used to reconstruct the nipple and areola after breast reconstruction. This procedure is FDA-approved and produces successful results for a wide range of cosmetic goals with minimal downtime.

With its many indications, permanent makeup is quickly becoming a popular, convenient treatment for patients with minor cosmetic concerns. The results of this procedure are long-lasting and can be kept fresh with minor touch-up treatments. We are proud to offer our patients this beneficial treatment to safely and effectively enhance their appearance.

Candidates for Permanent Makeup

Micropigmentation can be used for all ages and skin types, and can be used to enhance the patient's natural appearance or improve the appearance of scars and other unwanted skin conditions. For most patients, permanent makeup serves as a way to save time in their daily schedule or because the ability to wear regular makeup is hindered by an allergy or medical condition.

This may include patients whose skin is easily irritated by most forms of traditional makeup, patients with arthritis and other painful conditions who have difficulty applying makeup, and those who have suffered hair loss on the eyebrows, sideburns or hair line.

Permanent Makeup Procedure

FDA-approved, allergy-tested dyes are made of mineral extracts and can be tinted to match the patient's skin tone as closely as possible. You can discuss the options for treatment with your doctor and choose the specific color, shade and intensity of dye for a completely customized procedure. The dyes are injected into the skin using micro-needles after the application of a topical anesthesia, with procedures lasting as little as 30 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated.

This procedure is basically the same as that used for tattooing, and may cause mild discomfort. Ice packs can be used after treatment to reduce any pain, while patients can return home shortly after their procedure.

Results of Micropigmentation

The results of micropigmentation are visible immediately, although more than one session may be required for larger areas or touch-ups. Most patients can achieve their desired results after two treatment sessions spaced one to two weeks apart. The effects of aging and long-term sun exposure may lead to a reduction in color strength that may require touch-up treatments in order to maintain the original results.

There is no downtime associated with this procedure, as most patients are fully recovered within 24 hours, which includes a return to all normal activities. Contact lenses, makeup and direct sunlight should be avoided for the first few days. If removal of permanent makeup is desired, a laser procedure may be performed, similar to tattoo removal, in order to remove pigmentation from the skin and restore the patient's original appearance.

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